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Sell Directly To Us – No Commission, No Fees

We buy houses in Pittsburgh, irrespective of the situation. From one-bedroom condos to suburban homes, apartments, or multi-story mansions, we buy all kinds of houses in Pittsburgh. We will buy the property irrespective of its condition and location. Whether you need to get out of mortgage debt or looking to sell an inherited home, we can help.

Cash For Homes

Sell House Fast In Pittsburgh, PA

We have worked with Pittsburgh residents for over two decades, helping them sell their houses easily and quickly. From death and divorce to repairs or other structural issues, there could be hundreds of reasons for homeowners to sell their houses fast. As leading cash home buyers in Pittsburgh, we focus on providing easy and effective solutions to your problems. Our process is easy, fast, and does not cost you a thing.

We’ll Buy Any House In Pittsburgh

Over the years, we have purchased countless homes – some of them were uninhabitable or full of legal hurdles. Together, our team has managed to jump over every hurdle, ensuring peace of mind for the homeowner.

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Vacant Homes


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Abandoned Homes

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Hoarded Homes

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We are Offering The Best Price for all Homes

We make selling homes an easy and stress-free process, completing the entire process in as little as 14 days!


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We buy houses in Pittsburgh, PA, directly! You don’t have to list it or spend money on repairs. And you won’t lose privacy because buyers come in and out every other day. Call us at 770-733-5919 for a quick cash offer. If you are happy with our offer, we’ll close quickly on the promised date and settle immediately as well.

Cash Offer

Are You Looking For Cash Home Buyers In Pittsburgh?

We are a local family-owned business focusing on finding solutions for distressed homeowners. Our USP is the fair value we promise for every home. And our guaranteed closing – if you’re happy with our offer, we’ll close on the promised date and at a local title company. You don’t have anything to lose!


The process takes less than two weeks, from a signed contract to cash in hand. Fill in the online contact form and get a fair cash offer in less than 24 hours!


3-Step Process To Selling Your House

Sell Your House In Just 3 Quick Steps

At Sell Your House Fast Pittsburgh, we are committed to helping every single customer. We don’t bother homeowners with unnecessary visits or calls – our team will meet you once, and that’s it.

OUR Process

How Do Cash Home Buyers In Pittsburgh Buy Homes?

We are different from conventional buyers because we don’t need mortgage lending. As buyers, we can skip contingencies like home inspection reports, appraisals, or repairs. This helps us buy homes quickly and settle immediately on closing. You don’t have to spend money on repairs or renovations. You can move out with your belongings while we handle the junk that’s left behind.

Need To Sell Your Pittsburgh House Fast?

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We Make Selling Fast, Fair & Easy

We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh As-Is

At Sell Your House Fast Pittsburgh, we do more than buy your house for cash. You are free to move out only when you are ready. Selling to cash home buyers is also convenient – you don’t have to worry about open houses or showings. Don’t bother cleaning the house or prepping it for prospective buyers. We will take care of repairs – you don’t have to fix anything.

We’ll buy your house, irrespective of its condition and location.

Don’t worry about repairs or renovations

Ours is a no-obligation offer – you are free to refuse us

No need to list your house – we’ll buy it directly Sell Your House

sell your house

Why Should You Sell Your House To Cash Home Buyers In Pittsburgh?

We buy houses in Pittsburgh even if they’re fire-damaged, flood-damaged, hoarder homes. We buy inherited and rental homes and vacant or abandoned properties. Sell your house fast without help from a realtor – you can save on commission, listing fees, marketing expenses, and home staging costs. And most importantly, you need not waste time and money marketing the house. Even after closing, we can settle immediately because there’s no escrow involved. Our solutions are ideal for people who are going through a bad phase like death or divorce and need to move on with their lives quickly.

And you don’t have to worry about choosing the right cash home buyers in Pittsburgh. As local real estate investors, we know the place like the back of our hand. Unlike national franchises that follow a standard procedure regarding offer price and other details, we can customize our offer price depending on the neighborhood and the condition of the house.

When selling your house to us, you can be assured of the closing date and settlement. In fact, you can choose when to close or move. This makes the entire process simple, stress-free, and convenient.

“No agent fees, closing costs, and no need to wait for escrow, and most importantly, no repair and renovation expenses. We treat all our customers equally and with respect.”

We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh, Helping Homeowners Get Out Of A Sticky Situation

At Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh, we have worked with distressed homeowners for over twenty years. We have gained a reputation as trustworthy real estate investors, ensuring every customer approaching us has a solution.

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We are here to help you

Any Reason

1. Divorce
2. Death
3. Inherited house
4. Tax Lien
5. Moving to a new place

Any Situation

1. Foreclosure
2. Bankruptcy
3. Downsizing
4. Moving to a nursing home
5. Tenant issues

Any Condition

1. Dated properties
2. Hoarded homes
3. Vacant properties
4. Homes with too many pets
5. Abandoned homes


Are you interested in selling your house fast in Pittsburgh? Contact us today for a fantastic offer.


Can I Sell My House Fast In Pittsburgh?

Call us or fill in the contact form for a free and fair no-obligation offer in less than 24 hours.


Why Should You Choose Us As Cash Home Buyers In Pittsburgh?

At Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh, our customers find themselves in various unplanned situations. It could be anything, ranging from relocating to a new city or country to dealing with problem-making tenants.  Some of our advantages include

Traditional Home Buying Process

Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh Experience

Fly By Night Real Estate Investors


We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh

Call Now For A Free And Fair Cash Offer For Your Home Today.


Customer Success Story

With our commitment to providing a solution to all our homeowners, focusing on integrity and guaranteed service. We put your needs first, ensuring your problems are solved.


Bryan Christopher

I am very happy with David and his team at Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh. I needed to sell my parents property as they wanted to move into a retirement home. David was polite and managed the entire process without delay.


Joanna M

David and his at Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh have been of great help! They were very professional and kept me updated about the entire process, promising to complete the closing on the decided date. Thanks to them, I managed to sell my house in just 15 days.


Katrina. J

Sell Your House Fast in Pittsburgh are ideal for homeowners looking for cash home buyers. I highly recommend their services if you want an investor who is open about the entire process and shares every little update with you.


Jane Jones

Working with Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh was a great experience. They were polite and friendly, updated us about the process, and even helped us with the paperwork. If you are looking for cash home buyers in Pittsburgh, they’re the people you must contact.


Candace. Dwight

David was kind and patient throughout the deal. He explained the process in detail and ensured I was happy. I’m so glad I decided to work with Sell Your House Fast In Pittsburgh



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